A land that is bound to intrigue, excite and astound

A land that is bound to intrigue, excite and astound - Papua New Guinea has always been surrounded by myths and superlatives, and so it seemed like a good idea to accept a generous invitation from the PNG tourist board to see if the reality really lived up to the hype.

Traversing the globe, with whistle stop layovers in Singapore & PNG’s capital Port Morseby, our intrepid group arrived on the island of East New Britain to begin a series of fantastic adventures in these faraway islands. First up was a few nights at Kokopo Beach Bungalows - a comfortable resort overlooking the twin volcanoes of Rabaul – from where we snorkelled with locals in the Duke of York Islands, witnessed the famous, and rather painful looking, Baining Fire Dance and got up close and personal with Mount Tavurvur, the one-time destroyer of Rabaul City, and where the elusive megapod lays its eggs in warm volcanic sands.

From the volcanic delights of East New Britain we took a scenic flight over the Solomon Sea to the divers’ paradise of Tufi, which is splendidly situated between the dramatic fjords of Cape Nelson on the south eastern coast of PNG proper. Here we were treated to a feast of bird watching, boat rides, snorkelling, a colourful demonstration of tribal living and a look at some beachfront homestays which are as far away from modern living as one could possibly want.

From the coast we returned to the capital of Port Morseby, this time to stop for a few days, and catch up with colleagues from around the country keen to promote the huge range of activities and landscapes that are on offer in PNG. We were regaled with stories of highland festivals, crocodile watching along the Sepik River, stunning birds of paradise, dive sites that are amongst the best in the world and a colourful and friendly population that offer a true South Pacific welcome to anyone adventurous enough to make the long journey to these exciting islands.  

There’s no doubt that PNG offers a fabulous, adventurous and diverse holiday and as such will be an excellent match for the intrepid Bamboo traveller. Details of what we can offer in PNG will be added to the website shortly - watch this space!