The Sepik River is one of the most exciting, and adventurous, regions of Papua New Guinea. There is very little infrastructure in this part of the country and local transportation tends to be by motorised canoe. Wooden hut villages sit precariously on the banks of the river and many of the local tribes live an age old lifestyle that includes worshipping the crocodile spirit. Visitors to the Sepik Region need to know that there are few facilities and accommodation is provided in very rustic guest houses or basic homestays which are shared with local families.

Despite the simple nature of the environment, the overall experience in the Sepik region is fabulously rich, and like no other, affording an opportunity to get close to a fascinating people and a unique way of life. As well as the local tribes, birds and crocodiles are common along the Sepik River and with luck you can expect to see plenty of both.

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