Founded in 1459 by Mewari ruler Rao Jodha, Jodhpur is located at the southern edge of the Thar Desert and has been a bubbling trading outpost for centuries. It remains a centre for villagers who travel many miles to buy and sell in the effervescent clock tower market. Above all else, literally, the city is dominated by mighty Mehrangarh. This staggering hilltop fortress has been home to the ruling family for four centuries: it has been outstandingly preserved and one should allow several hours to explore the lanes, ramparts, and palaces which make up its interior. The Blue City takes its name from the houses which spill out and around the base of Mehrangarh: so painted to display colour of the Brahmins, signifying residents of a higher caste. In all Jodhpur is a fascinating medieval city which may turn out to be among the most memorable stay on any trip.

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