The mighty Mughals built their capital here in Agra in the 16th century, and over the next two centuries continued to pamper the city with a succession of beautiful medieval monuments. However, as the Mughal Empire crumbled Agra fell victim to assertive rebels, suffering a series of plunders by unruly rebellious forces. A few architectural marvels remain, but with much of the city rebuilt from scratch they are now engulfed by all the trappings of hectic urban India. Nonetheless Agra is India's top tourist destination, drawing upwards of 6 million visitors a year, all arriving to witness the greatest jewel of all, and one of the worlds’ genuine ‘must-sees’: the dazzling Taj Mahal. It's not just the Taj however: further interest lies just across the Yamuna River at the resplendent Agra Fort, while just outside the city a triumvirate of UNESCO Heritage sites is completed by former Mughal capital Fatehpur Sikri, a network of semi-restored monuments and temples.

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