Waterfalls, Hot Springs and Sand Dunes

At 28m the Orkhon waterfall is Mongolia’s largest waterfall, and a visit here can easily be combined with Karakorum which is approximately 60 miles to the north. The scenery here is more volcanic; there is a volcano far in the distance which erupted 110,000 years ago when the waterfall was created. By the waterfall amidst rolling hilly countryside there is an excellent ger camp.

Also in the area is the rejuvenating hot springs of Tsagaan Sum with an adjoining ger camp. Taking a long soak in the therapeutic waters is the perfect way of relaxing after a day's adventure in the jeep, or on saddle. This is the area of Mongolia where you may see the most gers and horse breeders and you will have the chance to visit a family and try the national drink airag, which is made from fermented mare’s milk. The ger camp is set in a stunning location surrounded by meadows and farmland with horses and yaks grazing in the background. As well as standard gers, this camp has deluxe gers with en suite bathrooms.

Mongol Els is a mass of sand dunes covering around 1,750 square miles, located around 30 miles to the north of Karakorum. The dunes here are spectacular with a backdrop of hills, streams and willow trees. It is a great location for a gentle horse or camel ride on and around the dunes.

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