With a length of 80 miles and a depth of up to 262m Lake Khovsgol holds 2% of the world’s freshwater, and is connected to Russia’s Lake Baikal by the River Egiin, which lies 125 miles to the east. Both rift lakes were created by the same volcanic activity some 55 million years ago, and as a result they share many similarities in flora and fauna.

The water of the lake is crystal clear, and is surrounded by breathtaking scenery of lush meadows and high mountains covered in thick pine and larch forests. This rich habitat supports 68 species of mammals including the brown bear, lynx and moose; and 244 species of birds including the Baikal teal, bar-headed goose, black stork and Altai snow cock.

Popular activities include horse riding along the shoreline, wandering through caves and simply soaking up the fresh air and natural beauty from one of the well positioned ger camps on the lake’s shores.

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