Highlights of Lake Khovsgol Area

Contrary to many perceptions of Mongolia, the northern region of Khovsgol is dominated by alpine scenery, lush meadows and crystal lakes, and is a delightful area to explore in the summer months when the sun shines most days.

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The Khoridol Saridag Mountains to the west of Lake Khovsgol are home to 68 species of mammal including brown bear, lynx, elk, reindeer and wolf. It is in this area that the teepee dwelling Dukha folk herd reindeer live, known for their shamanic beliefs. This area is one of the best places in Mongolia for horse riding.
With a length of 80 miles and a depth of up to 262m Lake Khovsgol holds 2% of the world’s freshwater, and is connected to Russia’s Lake Baikal. The water of the lake is crystal clear, and is surrounded by breathtaking scenery of lush meadows and high mountains covered in thick pine and larch forests.