Located just 50 miles from Ulaan Baatar, Terelj is a popular retreat for the residents of the capital, and those looking for a day trip from their hotel in the capital. A visit to Terelj is the perfect introduction to Mongolia, with alpine landscape of green pastures and rocky outcrops that is as wild and beautiful as the remotest parts of the country.

The park lies at 1,600 m with areas of both Siberian taiga forest and grass steppe. Three river systems have their sources in this protected area; the Tuul River which flows into Lake Baikal and continues to the Arctic Ocean, and the Onon and Kherlen which flow east to join the Amur River before emptying into the Pacific Ocean.

Popular activities in the park include horse riding, hiking and rafting, and there is a well serviced ger camp which can provide lunch and overnight accommodation.

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