Putao is a part of Myanmar that few visitors ever make the effort to reach due to its isolated position in the very north of the country. However that is starting to change as more adventurous travellers are discovering the wonderful trekking, and outdoor opportunities that abound in this scenic part of Myanmar. Generally speaking, Putao can only be reached by air and is a small town surrounded by snow peaked mountains, isolated villages, pristine rivers and local tribes. Under British rule Putao was home to a military post known as Fort Hertz, a name that still appears on some maps. Putao is rich in places to walk and most first-time visitors tend to base themselves at one of the small lodges here and undertake daily excursions into the highlands with guides. However longer, more arduous, trekking is also a possibility for those with the desire to explore this mountainous region further. The best time to visit Putao is between November and April.

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