Highlights of Western Province

Western Province is one of the best places in Papua New Guinea to see wildlife and is home to over 50% of the country’s total bird population. This is probably one of the least visited parts of the country as there are only a couple of remote lodges that provide decent accommodation. Unlike many parts of the country there are no mountains, valleys and waterfalls here - only wide, sweeping flood plains and a very large lake. In the flood plains, surrounding the Bensbach River, you can find herds of deer, wallabies, snakes, monitor lizards, flocks of pelicans, pygmy geese, sea eagles and migratory birds that stop for a breather before heading south. In another part of the province lies Lake Murray - the largest lake in Papua New Guinea which, during the wet season, can grow to be five times its dry season size. The lake is home to an indigenous population of around 5,000 people, who live in a collection of small villages on and around the lake, and also a host of migratory birds, several birds of paradise species, pelicans, hornbills, eagles, parrots and numerous other birds. Lake Murray is also well known for various fish species including black bass, barramundi and saratoga which attract keen fishermen.

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Monitor Lizard, Bensbach River
The Bensbach River in Western Province is a world away from the mountains and rich coastline that Papua New Guinea is most famous for. In this part of the country it is the river and sweeping flood plains that dominate, making it rich in wildlife – both endemic and migratory.
Lake Murray
Lake Murray is Papua New Guinea’s largest lake being some 39 miles long and 11 miles wide in its normal state. It is situated in the remote Western Province and is really only accessible by a short flight from Port Moresby.