Highlights of Luzon

Luzon is the most important island in the Philippines as it covers the largest area and is home to the country’s capital, Manila. Northern Luzon offers a wonderful mixture of stunning countryside, ancient tradition and historic towns. Its dominant feature is the Cordillera which is the central mountain range, home to some amazing rice terraces and ancient villages. In these mountains there are great trekking opportunities and in the north of the province you will find wonderfully preserved colonial towns. Southern Luzon offers great beaches, volcanoes and in Manila offers the vibrancy of one of Asia’s great cities. All in all Luzon is a great part of the country to start your exploration of the Philippines.

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Horse-drawn Calesa, Manila, the Philippines
Manila is the lively, cosmopolitan capital of the Philippines which offers a wonderful blend of culture and sightseeing that few other Southeast Asian cities can match. 
Taal Lake, Luzon, the Philippines
The Taal Lake & volcano is Southern Luzon’s most famous attraction. Known as the smallest volcano in the world, it is a volcano within an islet within a lake within a crater within a volcano! 
Village on rice terraces, Banuae, the Philippines
Banaue, found in Northern Luzon’s Cordillera, is home to the region’s famous rice terraces which were carved into the surrounding hillsides by the Ifugao people over 2000 years ago. 
Baguio, Luzon, the Philippines
Baguio is Luzon's highland capital, a mid-way point between Manila and the Cordillera, serving either as a staging post on the way up , or a comfortable rest-stop on the way back down.
Hanging coffins, Sagada, the Philippines
The charming hillside town of Sagada has become famous as a tranquil spot to stop off and enjoy the natural beauty that abounds in this part of Northern Luzon. 
Jeeps, Mount Pinatubo
Mount Pinatubo volcano is famous for the catastrophic eruption of 1991. Now that the dust has settled, so to speak, visitors can enjoy the amazing landscape that has been left behind. 
Dusk in Vigan, Luzon, the Philippines
In the historic town of Vigan one finds collection of ancestral houses, period houses, cobble-stoned streets and horse drawn carriages, making this arguably the best preserved Spanish colonial town in Asia.
Paoay Church, Laoag, Luzon, the Philippines
Laoag is a small but busy city, capital of the north-western province of Ilocos Norte. Few foreign tourists make it up to this part of Luzon, but there is a steady trade in domestic tourism.
Church, Batangas, the Philippines
The province of Batangas is located only 70 miles south of Manila and is renowned for its excellent dive sites, heritage sightseeing, and natural wonders. 
Mayon Volcano, Legaspi, the Philippines
Legaspi is arranged around a gently-curving bay, overshadowed by the enormous Mayon volcano. Most will use Legaspi as a gateway to Donsol, the Philippines' best site for swimming with whale-sharks.