Highlights of Flores & Komodo Islands

The linear-shaped Flores is a lush volcanic island where many interesting sights and experiences await the intrepid traveller. With a highway running the length of the island, most places are accessible by car even if the going is slow.  The picturesque port of Labuanbajo is located on the western tip of the island, and the gateway to the famous Komodo Islands National Park – home to the fearsome dragons, abundant marine life and blissful island scenery. The interior of Flores is dominated by its volcanic spine which towers 2500m over an emerald landscape of paddy fields and rivers leading to hidden beaches. The remote volcano of Kelimutu is one of Flores’ most dramatic sights, where three extinct craters with varying shades of water steadily change colour through the day.

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Komodo Islands
The Komodo Islands National Park is located off the west coast of Flores, around 300 miles east of Bali. The park protects the islands of Komodo and Rinca, which are home to around 2,500 dragons, and dozens of smaller islands. 
Labuan Bajo
Labuan Bajo is a coastal town and fishing port located on the far west of Flores, and the main jumping off point for the Komodo Islands National Park.