Highlights of Taiwan's Islands

Taiwan’s outer islands have long been popular with domestic tourists and are growing in popularity with tourists from further afield. It’s easy to see why, coral reefs rich in tropical fish, traditional Fujian dwellings dating back to the Ming dynasty and former military fortifications, a legacy of China’s bitter civil war, are just some of the wonders these diverse islands have to offer.

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This archipelago is famed in Taiwan for its white beaches and offers the perfect retreat for beach-lovers and divers.  Known for its unique 700-year-old ‘double-heart’ fishing method, it’s also a hub for water sports, especially windsurfing and kitesurfing.
The scenic island of Lanyu, otherwise known as Orchid Island, hosts a variety of wildlife and is home to the indigenous Yami people. This is a great stop off for some bird watching or to experience the traditional culture of the Yami tribe.
The Volcanic island of Ludao, situated off the eastern coast of Taiwan, is surrounded by diverse coral reefs and its rare seawater hot spring makes it the perfect place to unwind.
Travel to Kinmen was prohibited until the mid-90s and is just a short hop from the Chinese city of Xiamen.  While it’s famous for its rich military history, Kinmen is also home to the best collection of Ming and Qing dynasty dwellings in the whole of Taiwan.
The Matsu archipelago is steeped with military history but the ‘Blue Tears’ natural phenomenon is a must see on any trip to Taiwan
The coral island of Liuqiu is just a short boat ride from Taiwan and offers fine snorkelling, interesting rock formations and is one of the best locations in Taiwan to watch the sunset.