Highlights of Central Taiwan

Visitors to the central part of Taiwan will be astounded by the natural beauty that can be found here. From the rugged coastline running down the east of the island to the dramatic gorges of the Taroko National Park and the mountainous areas of Alishan and Yushan, not to mention the magical Sun Moon Lake - be prepared for a visual feast!

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Alishan is a small mountain resort which has become synonymous with the view of sunrise over the ‘sea of clouds' which ring Mt Jade.
Cingjing, Taiwan
Also known as 'Cingjing Farm’, Cingjing is a small town with great views on the scenic Cross-Island Highway.
Coastline, Hualien
Hualien is a pleasant city on the east coast of Taiwan. With the rugged Pacific Ocean to the east and the dramatic gorges of the Taroko National Park to its west, the city is a useful base from which to explore.
In the centre of Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake is the largest body of fresh water on the Island and is one of its most outstanding places of natural beauty.
Taitung is the third largest county in Taiwan and occupies a marvellous stretch of rugged coastline on the south-east of the island.
Backing onto the Pacific Ocean in the east of the Island is Taroko National Park, with its spectacular mountains and steep gorges, this will be a highlight of your tour.