Highlights of Outer Islands

The outer islands of the Seychelles, less busy than the main three islands, are wonderful places to stay. Often privately owned they provide a laid-back way of life and a real chance to get away from it all. Accommodation on these islands can vary from the uber luxury of North Island to the rustic charm of Bird Island, but in every case you will have the delights of white sand beaches, blue seas and a host of bird and marine life on your doorstep. If the choice seems a little overwhelming let us help you choose your tropical paradise.     

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Alphonse Island
Alphonse Island is situated in Alphonse Atoll seven degrees south of the Equator, and 400km southwest of Mahe, giving it an isolated position in the middle of the Indian Ocean that attracts migratory birds.
Bird Island
Bird island is the most northerly island in the Seychelles and not surprisingly is home to a multitude of birds – particularly the sooty tern that nests here from May to October.
Cerf Island
Cerf Island lies a mile or so off the northeast coast of Mahe and access to this tiny island is by boat, or helicopter. The island is surrounded by a coral reef than teems with aquatic life but life on the island itself is quiet with no paved roads and little in the way of infrastructure.
Cousine Island
A small granite island lying off the west coast of Praslin, Cousine Island has a sweeping white sand beach that extends along half the island. This private island has introduced conservation measures that protect the hawkbill turtles that nest here, as well as the endemic birdlife, giving it the feel of a wildlife sanctuary with a small resort attached. 
Denis Island
Denis Island is a privately owned crescent shaped island situated 60km northeast of Mahe. A landing strip bisects the island permitting visitors to arrive by light aircraft or helicopter.
Desroches Island
Desroches Island is the largest island in the Amirante Islands, a small archipelago within the main archipelago of the Seychelles. At one time used as a strategic base by the UK & US, Desroches Island is now a resort island with only one hotel - the Four Seasons.
Felicite Island
Situated close to Praslin and La Digue, Felicite is the fifth largest island in the Seychelles and for many years was a simple coconut plantation farmed by a tiny population. 
Fregate Island
Fregate Island is situated 55km to the east of Mahe and is reached by helicopter or boat. Another private island, Fregate has a small population mostly involved in tourism, conservation, agriculture or fishing.
North Island
A small private island and probably the most exclusive place to stay in the Seychelles, North Island is the dream tropical island with its white sand beaches, aquamarine waters and luxury villas. 
Silhouette Island
The third largest island in the Seychelles, Silhouette is a mountainous island situated 20km northwest of Mahe. Visitors to the island come by boat (45 mins) or helicopter (15 mins) and are greeted by dramatic scenery on arrival.