At the southernmost part of Vietnam lies a flat and lush area of land known as the Mekong Delta, with Can Tho as the largest city. The miles of inter-connecting canals and rivers here are known by locals simply as "the green lungs of the Mekong." These ‘lungs’ are responsible for the vast quantities of rice, fruit and vegetables that are produced in the region, much of which ends up in the Delta’s fascinating and bustling floating markets.

Can Tho is located in the centre of the Mekong Delta, 100 miles from Ho Chi Minh City, on the Hau River, which is considered to be the region’s benefactor as its yearly floods deposit large quantities of alluvia over the paddy fields. Can Tho is the main city in the Mekong Delta and serves as the hub for the local rice and fruit trade as well as being the cultural heart of the region. Take a boat trip along the riverbanks to a floating restaurant and try some eel, a speciality of the region.

If you are staying in Can Tho an early morning excursion by boat to the Cai Rang floating market is a wonderful opportunity to see the local market traders in action.

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