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Trekking in fields around the Lanjia Lodge
Thailand News
Northern Thailand is a world away from the white sandy beaches of the south. With its lush green mountains, mist-laden valleys, and colourful hill tribes, it is well worth taking some time to explore the more untouched corners of the Land of Smiles.
Pu Luong Retreat
Vietnam News
The wild northern provinces of Vietnam are the least populated in the country, and arguably the most scenic regions with jagged peaks, lush hillsides, and emerald rice terraces. The recent incarnation of the Pu Luong Retreat has now opened up this region to those seeking an alternative to the usual tourist trail.
Angkor Wat Half Marathon
General Articles, China News, Cambodia News, Thailand News, Borneo News, Japan News
Marathon (and half marathon) running has been growing in popularity in recent years. We appreciate it's not a pursuit in which everyone will want to partake, but, for the keen runners among you, here are a few interesting races that we can include as part of your tailor-made holiday.
Hiking in stunning Seoraksan NP, South Korea
Taiwan News, Japan News, Korea News
In our latest blog we take a look at the wealth of outdoor activity on offer in our East Asian destinations: Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. It really doesn't take long to get away from the concrete jungle, and out into the adventure-rich great outdoors!
Grand Bazaar, Urumqi
Bamboo Team Travels, China News
Having spent a number of years living and working in China, I wasn’t sure there was much left that could surprise me about the country. That is until a recent trip took me for the first time into Xinjiang, China’s westernmost province.
Tea picker, Taiwan
China News, Food & Drink, Taiwan News
The history of tea is a fascinating one, originating in China where evidence of tea consumption has been found in tombs dating from 206 BC. In this blog we celebrate the miraculous leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, and the wonderful places in the Far East where it grows.
Tha Author's Lounge, Mandarin Oriental Bangkkok
Food & Drink
Few things are more pleasurable in life than traditional afternoon tea with loved ones in a special setting. We have picked out a selection of heritage hotels spread across the Far East where you can enjoy a special afternoon tea.
Horathapola Estate, Pannala
Hotel Trends, Sri Lanka News
Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for the boutique traveller. Those who are searching for an individual experience, but without sacrificing on style and comfort.
Agnkor Scavenger Hunt Map
Cambodia News, Family Travel
If you are looking to see Angkor in a different way to everyone else, we can arrange for you to become an explorer for the day! This scavenger hunt is ideal for families with children who are seeking an alternative temple tour which will shed a new light on the amazing story of Angkor at the same time.
The Taj Mahal, Agra
General Articles
A new destination is on the horizon for Bamboo Travel - probably the most exciting, intoxicating, and colourful of all. After years of nudging from our clients, and no little interest from ourselves, Bamboo are taking on India in earnest.
The Forbidden City, Beijing
China News
Speak to a Chinese person for any length of time and chances are they will mention their country’s “5,000 years of history” with pride. Our new historical tour, ‘Tracing China’s Past’, will take you on a journey through China’s ancient and more recent history.
National Protected Area
Laos News, Wildlife and Conservation
Located in the northeast of Laos, the Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area is a biodiversity hotspot covering 3 provinces. The terrain is mountainous, with a wide area of primary rainforest, and is home to many endangered species, including leopards, sun bears, and Asian elephants to name but a few, as well as being the last remaining place where you can find tigers in Laos.