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Villagers watch a Pandaw Cruise pass by
General Articles, Myanmar News
Burma may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of luxury cruises, but it is fast becoming Asia's premier river-cruise destination. The ever growing selection of cruises on offer mean that Myanmar is now able to rival and arguably surpass the variety of vessels found in India, China and nearby Indochina.
Morning Sumo practice
Japan News
Tokyo's attractions are vast. One could spend a week in the city and still have plenty to do, but a run-down of our personal recommendations would be as follows...
Purple Butterflies, Maolin
Taiwan News, Wildlife and Conservation
An easy hour and a half drive from Taiwan's vibrant port of Kaohsiung, Taiwan's second city and a similar distance from the cultural hub of Tainan there is a completely different world. This world is Maolin, where the people look different and speak a different language; the houses are built by hand using local slate and at certain times of year, clouds made up of a million purple butterflies bounce around the rolling mountains and deep valleys.
Floating market, Vietnam
General Articles
Floating markets are one of the stand-out images of Southeast Asia. A seemingly chaotic mixture of boats of all colours and sizes, squeezing into every space possible, while the wide-eyed tourist looks on, wondering how it all fits together.
Sunrise over Borobodur
Bamboo Team Travels, Indonesia News
The name ‘Java’ immediately conjures thoughts of tropical exploration. Sprawling jungle, ancient cities, the whole island dotted with a spine of rumbling volcanos – as evocative a destination as one could hope for!
Phong-Nha Cave
Bamboo Team Travels, Vietnam News
Only recently opened up to tourism, Phong Nha is yet to experience the development of other areas in Vietnam, and for those who venture here, it offers a truly breath-taking look at some of Vietnam’s natural wonders.
Golden Rock, Kyaiktiyo
Bamboo Team Travels, Myanmar News
Departing from Yangon on a highway that heads west, and ultimately south, I set out in search of adventure in a somewhat forgotten, but nevertheless rewarding, part of Myanmar.
Crocodile Lake
Bamboo Team Travels, Vietnam News, Wildlife and Conservation
Vietnam has a lot to offer any traveller, whether they’re looking for gleaming sandy beaches, ancient historical relics, jaw-dropping scenery or untamed wildlife. Cat Tien National Park is one of Vietnam’s best wildlife and bird-watching destinations, and can be a real adventure for anyone who makes the journey.
Iban Fishing - Batang Ai
Borneo News
Malaysian Borneo is a great place to for a holiday between March and October, and is synonymous with abundant wildlife, pristine rainforest and idyllic tropical islands, but many visitors end up having little or no exposure to another of Borneo's unique draws - the indigenous tribal culture.
cycling in China's Yunnan Province
General Articles, Family Travel
Here is our pick of the most popular cycling experiences in the countries we feature. These are not in any way strenuous and are suitable for anyone who is reasonably fit and able to ride a bicycle.
Our proud guide of the month, Mr Sinath
General Articles, Cambodia News
The right guide can make or break a trip. One of the reasons we pride ourselves on being able to continuously offer high-quality trips all over the Far East, is the fact that we always do our best to work with the very best guides in each country. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a few of our top-rated guides, beginning this month with Mr Sinath, one of our regulars in Cambodia.
View back over the Gokteik Viaduct
General Articles, Myanmar News
The legacy of British Burma can be found all over modern Myanmar. One notable hangover of colonial times is an extensive – if distinctly unmodernised - rail network. Here we run-down the most memorable journeys available.