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Elephant Trekking near Kalaw
Myanmar News
Following the broadcast of the BBC Wildlife documentary 'Wild Burma', we have put together a specialist adventure tour taking in the very best wildlife opportunities currently available in Myanmar.
General Articles, Bamboo Team Travels, Sri Lanka News
Sri Lanka is home to a bewildering array of creatures great and small, land-lubbing, airborne, and subaquatic. Its remarkable range of climates and eco-systems have left the Pearl of the Indian Ocean with such variety in wildlife that it requires numerous national parks in which to keep them all! 
Hawker centre in Penang
Food & Drink, Malaysia News
Malaysia is arguably one of the most ethnically diverse countries on the planet. The three main groups are native Malays, Han Chinese, and Indian. All are fiercely passionate about their own cuisines, and tourists can richly indulge in an endless variety of intoxicating food. 
Wat Arun, on the banks of the Mekong River
Thailand News
Second in our series of 5 Things to Do is Bangkok. The hub of all things Southeast Asian, and truly one of the world’s greatest, and most exciting, cities. 
Seven Stars train passing through the Kyushu countryside
General Articles
Often over-looked by travellers, the island of Kyushu is Japan’s 4th largest and least-explored. With the introduction of a new direct flight from Europe and a luxurious ‘cruise train’, however, this could be about to change.
The Muang La Resort
Laos News
Deep in the Northern Laos countryside is not the place one would expect to find a delightful boutique lodge serving the finest French/Laotian fusion cuisine. This place might be the answer!
Sigiriya Rock Fortress
General Articles, Sri Lanka News
Bamboo Travel are delighted to announce that we have commenced tours to Sri Lanka!
View of Taipei, featuring Taipei 101
General Articles, Taiwan News
Welcome to the first in our ‘5 things' series - a quick guide to our favourite things to do in cities across Asia. We begin in Taipei - a densely-populated metropolis sitting in the shadow of Taiwan's mountainous interior. 
Panda Breeding Centre, Chengdu
Airline Updates
BA has announced that from September 22nd, it will begin direct flights to Chengdu in South-West China. This is great news for animal-lovers, especially those interested in seeing extremely rare giant pandas!
Tarsier, Bohol
Philippines News
The Philippines is a magnificent destination for a number of reasons. One particularly underrated aspect of travel in the Philippines, however, is the variety and accessibility of its wildlife.
Giay ladies sheltering from the sun
Bamboo Team Travels, Vietnam News
Sapa and the wider Lao Cai region is a fascinating part of Vietnam to visit, even more so on one of the areas numerous market days. But which market should you visit, and what can you see? 
Fine dining in the temple grounds
Cambodia News
News from Cambodia about the discovery of a 'lost' ancient city was reported around the world last month. Indulge your inner Indiana Jones with our range of 'temple safaris' to parts of Cambodia totally inaccessible to other tourists.