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Temple of the Tooth, Kandy
General Articles, Sri Lanka News
There are temples everywhere in Asia, but Sri Lanka offers arguably the most varied temple experiences for whether you are an avid scholar, an active adventurer or a peace seeking holiday-maker. Here are our top 10 temples to include in your tour of Sri Lanka.
GLOW Elixir beach front
General Articles, Hotel Trends, Thailand News
A nice way to round off your cultural tour of Southeast Asia is to have a few days relaxation by the beach - book in hand and seafood within easy reach. For many people the beaches of Thailand fit this bill perfectly, but with a good number of traditional beach resorts having become over developed it is increasingly difficult to find a genuinely quiet spot which offers a decent level of comfort at a reasonable price.
Crystal clear water on Gili Meno, Indonesia
General Articles
There is something special about island life, and Southeast Asia is blessed with some delightful places to get away from it all whilst surrounded by water. We have picked out some of our favourites below which are yet to be discovered by the masses.
Aboriginal Village
Taiwan News
While Taiwan may be inextricably linked to the Chinese Mainland for many people, there are many things which make this small island completely unique and a joy to visit. Not least of which is the variety of festivals celebrated across the island.
Wild Orang-Utan spotted in Danum Valley, Sabah
General Articles, Family Travel
If you are confined to travelling in the summer months over the academic holidays there are fantastic destinations which are at their best at this time of year. Whether you are looking for family friendly adventure, cultural touring, or simple relaxation Asia has plenty to offer! 
With my charming Sherpa on Poon Hill Trek
General Articles, Bamboo Team Travels, Nepal News
The 7.8 magnitude earthquake which hit Nepal on the 25th April 2015 caused untold damage and loss of life. Six months later I flew to Kathmandu to carry out an extensive research trip for Bamboo Travel to launch a new tour programme. 
Entrance to the Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai district
Thailand News, Family Travel
We’re back with another instalment in our ‘Top 5 Things to Do’ series, this time focusing on the many and varied delights of Northern Thailand. It was a hard task keeping this down to just five!
Thailand News, Family Travel
A land that is bound to intrigue, excite and astound - Papua New Guinea has always been surrounded by myths and superlatives, and so it seemed like a good idea to accept a generous invitation from the PNG tourist board to see if the reality really lived up to the hype.
Memorial to Chiang Kai-Shek, Taipei
Bamboo Team Travels, Taiwan News
Taiwan is a traveller's gift. This tiny island has everything Asia has to offer in one easily navigable package. From the modern city of Taipei to the old capital Tainan; from the towering mountains and imposing cliffs of Taroko Gorge to the delicately beautiful Sun Moon Lake, a traveller can see how the island has developed while still keeping its natural beauty and cultural heart intact.
Rice terraces, Longji
China News
Whilst no trip to China would be complete without some mental stimulation in the urban environment, we also recommend exploring some more peaceful areas of China on two feet. We have picked out the following selection of gentle walks, hikes and treks throughout this vast land to inspire your next trip to China.
Ruby mine Mogok
Bamboo Team Travels, Myanmar News
In the hills about 5 hours drive north of Mandalay you'll find the sleepy city of Mogok. Known locally as ‘Ruby Land', it is the centre of one of the world's foremost ruby and gem mining areas. Until recently Mogok has been closed off to foreign visitors, but it is now possible to visit so long as you have a permit and are travelling with a guide (both of which Bamboo Travel will arrange for you).
Indoor market in Nagasaki, Kyushu
Japan News
Japan offers some of the most varied, interesting, and eccentric shopping one could possibly encounter. All manner of malls and markets can be found countrywide selling the flashiest electronics, the freshest produce, the zaniest fashion, or the most eclectic antiques. All available countrywide, if you know where to look!