Hyderabad is located at the very centre of southern India, yet finds itself some way off most tourist trails. This is a major shame, as this ancient capital has charm in abundance: tantalising cuisine, fascinating history, dazzling luxury hotels, and a chaotically picturesque old city centre. Hyderabad has been a centre of commerce for many centuries, its dynasties trading heavily across the Deccan plateau, and beyond to Arabia and the Ottoman Empire. These international influences are most evident in Hyderabadi cuisine: particularly its legendary biryanis - famous throughout the land – as well as sizzling kebabs, and indulgently sweet meetha puddings. Modern Hyderabad is renowned as an IT hub, competing with Bangalore and Chennai for the title of India’s ‘silicon valley’. There is now plenty of glass and steel on show around the city, but there also remains a wealth of history to discover.

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