Mumbai is India’s biggest, brightest, worldliest city. While Delhi may be the seat of power, Mumbai (earlier known as Bombay) is the gateway to the Subcontinent: a hub of commerce, finance, entertainment, and opportunity If, like thousands before you, Mumbai is your gateway into India, prepare for some initial culture shock: the City of Dreams teems with life, and the sheer crush of humanity can be overwhelming. Seasoned Indophiles however love the city: for its pace, colour, diversity, and sheer vibrancy. Famous worldwide as the headquarters of ‘Bollywood’, Mumbai is also an important centre of theatre, art, music, and dance. Although steeped in tradition and with a rich historical past, Mumbai is a city where traditional and modern practices flourish simultaneously. It is also now established as one of the world’s truly great international cities, boasting the finest in accommodation, shopping, dining, and a wealth of transport links across the region.

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