Yala is Sri Lanka's most famous and well established National Park and is also considered to have one of the most abundant and accessible wildlife populations in all of Asia. Visitors stand a good chance of seeing herds of Elephants, a huge variety of bird and reptilian life and the park is one of the best places anywhere for spotting leopards. Locals say that one in three safari drives has a leopard siting so you stand a very good chance if you include a couple of days exploring the 1260 square kilometres of the Yala National Park in your holiday to Sri Lanka. Other common animals in the park are sambar and spotted deer, wild boar, wild buffaloes, macaques and langur monkeys, sloth bears and porcupines and there are around 130 species of bird that have been recorded here. We conduct our safaris with expert guides in comfortable safari jeeps and the tracks around the park are generally in a good condition so allow you to cover a large area of the park in one drive.

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