Sample a Korean-style public spa

It's always important to include plenty of rest time during a busy tour - and better yet if rolled into a unique local experience! During your time in Korea we recommend sampling a 'jimjilbang' - a traditional local spa complex. In Busan we especially like Hurshimchung, a large hot springs complex which caters for tourists and locals alike. Established during the citywide renovation of Busan in October 1991, Hurshimchung Hot Springs has a capacity of 3,000 people and covers approximately 4,297.54m², making it one of the largest hot springs in the region. There are around 40 different baths in the main hot spring area such as the Longevity Bath, Hoemok Bath, Cheongja Bath, Cave Bath, Outdoor Bath, and Event Baths, which combine hot spring water with oriental medicinal elements and seasonal herbs. Guests can also choose one of the recommended bathing courses according to their age, health concerns, and/or personal preferences.

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