Delhi has seen it all. Inhabitation here dates back 3000 years, and over the centuries the city has seen a succession of invasions and immigrations, dynasties and desecrations. What remains is one of the world’s great cities: a hotchpotch of old and new, rich and poor, all manner of religions, castes, and creeds – a perfect introduction to the many colours of modern India. Handy then, that for many Delhi will be first port of call. The capital bubbles over with attractions, the city centre littered with historical jewels such as the sprawling La Qila complex (the Red Fort), Humayan’s Tomb (an excellent amuse-bouche for those later heading to the Taj Mahal), or the soaring Qutab Minar – to name but a very few. The older parts of the city burst at the seams with local life: intoxicating India at its best can be found in the kaleidoscopic bazaars which surround Jama Masjid, while Connaught Place thrives with upscale boutiques and eateries. Conversely, Lutyens-designed New Delhi, where most accommodation is found, surprises many first time visitors with its wide tree-lined avenues and (relatively) peaceful elegance. 

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