Bangkok is possibly the most vibrant city in Asia and a melting pot of ultra-modern skyscrapers, ancient temples, huge shopping malls and street vendors. Teeming with people the heart of the city beats at a frantic pace and offers visitors a dazzling array of sights and sounds. Once described as the Venice of the Orient you can see why by taking a long-tailed boat to explore the canals that are home to the famous floating markets of the city, or by taking the ferry up the Chao Phraya River passing old water-side houses and children playing in the river.

The amazing Grand Palace and the nearby Wat Pho are some of the city’s most famous traditional images but today’s Bangkok has a host of new attractions in the shape of swish hotels that tower over the city offering sophistication and eastern chic, top notch restaurants and funky nightclubs & bars. This is a city with a modern face but an ancient heart and as such it has something to suit all its visitors.

Nowadays, travelling around Bangkok has become much more convenient. The new Skytrain and underground railway system have, along with new flyovers, reduced the infamous traffic jams and lessened the pollution. Visitors are now able to tour the city in comfort although it is still always exciting to take the odd journey by Tuk-Tuk!

Bangkok has much to offer as a destination in its own right and below is a list of some fun things to do.

10 things to do in Bangkok

  1. Explore the Grand Palace & Wat Pho
  2. Wizz through the klongs in a long tailed boat
  3. Take the sky train to Chatuchak’s weekend market
  4. Hop in a Tuk Tuk
  5. Wander through Patpong’s night market
  6. Visit Jim Thompson’s house
  7. Hunt for souvenirs at Suan Lum Night Bazaar
  8. Enjoy an open-air drink, overlooking the city, at Sirocco
  9. Savour the early morning peace of Lumphini Park
  10. Head up river to Ayuthaya for the day

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