EVA Air is a Taiwanese airline that operates out of Taipei and was founded in 1989. Initially it operated primarily as a cargo airline but increasingly passenger routes have become more important to EVA. It now operates flights to around 65 countries. Its flights from London to Taipei touch down in Bangkok and offer three cabins: Economy Class, Premium Economy and Business Class. The airline is a member of the Star Alliance.

Departs From

  • London Heathrow

Regional Connections

  • Aberdeen
  • Belfast
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds Bradford
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle


Economy Class

In Economy Class on EVA Air's 777-300ER, A330-200/300 and selected 747-400 - the shape-memory cushion material and ergonomic design make the seats superbly comfortable and the bottom cushion moves forward as the seat reclines to give a more natural reclining position. But the innovation doesn’t stop there – a fully adjustable headrest ensures that your head stays where you want it to, helping eliminate fatigue.

A wide range of tasty and healthy meals is provided for Economy Class passengers. For breakfast, passengers can try Chinese rice porridge.

On EVA Air's 777-300ER, A330-200/300 and selected 747-400 Economy Class, the high-resolution touch screens and audio/video on demand offer a wealth of video, music and gaming options.

Elite Class

The Premium Economy Class (Elite Class) on EVA Air's B777-300ER aircraft is simply yet stylishly laid out with a refreshingly elegant colour palette. Your private space in the cosy cabin features a high efficiency, exquisitely modern seat that guarantees total relaxation. Combining contemporary aesthetics with functionality, the plush and spacious seat offers you a 38” seat pitch, 19.5 inch wide seating space with ample leg room. The ergonomically engineered chair and "Mood Light" lighting system will ensure that you enjoy good quality sleep with ultimate comfort.

Enabled by the whole new Global Communication Suite (GCS), our convenient EVA Wi-Fi and SMS roaming services keep you updated even at 30,000 feet. A state of the art inflight entertainment system features an 11 inch LCD touch screen that gives you access to Star Gallery's extensive library of movies, TV shows, music and games, with just few swipes of your fingers, and matching noise cancelling headphones, to deliver a high quality entertainment experience to you. Duty Free onboard shopping adds new visual enjoyment, vivid graphics and multi-function modes for browsing and ordering. 

The inflight amenities include a pillow and blanket set and travel sized toiletries for each individual passenger, plus products from Canadian aromatherapy brand ESCENTS that add a delightful touch to your flight experience. With our detail oriented, passenger friendly inflight amenities including the USB plugs and 110V AC outlets for laptops, now you can go about your business with ease and comfort.

Fresh, healthy seasonal and cross border delectable food is served with select red/white wines, prestigious beers or non-alcoholic drinks to quench your thirst for the best ingredients and tastes. The Premium Economy Class exclusive set also indulges you in a visual and gastronomic feast at a height of 30,000 feet.

Royal Laurel Class

The seats in Royal Laurel Class are configured in a reverse herringbone layout that maximizes space. Your privacy is assured through fixed panel that help create your own personal area. At the push of a button, each seat converts into an approximately 2m-long, fully lie-flat bed for a restful night's sleep. Thoughtful touches include a space to hang your jacket, a shoe cabinet, a retractable armrest, and a cocktail table.

Inflight dining in Royal Laurel Class starts with a glass of champagne followed by crusty bread served with butter and extra-virgin olive oil. Entrees include expertly prepared prime steak and fresh lobster. For the health-conscious, and all-natural, low-calorie main course is available. Trolley service follows, offering a wide variety of fresh fruit and cheese.

Royal Laurel Class is outfitted with the latest inflight entertainment system, including HD touch screens, noise-cancelling headphones, and USB and iPod ports. Generously sized tables and 110V power sockets allow you to work comfortably and efficiently when you need to.

Royal Laurel Class aboard EVA Air’s new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft features a range of cabin service improvements that help create the feeling of being at home in the air. These little luxuries include Rimowa overnight kits, comfortable sleepwear and Fiji Water.

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